What exactly does your service do?
Our service acts as a mediator between mobile phone contract providers and clients. We match people with bad credit up with the mobile phone deals that will reap the most chances of success.

Are you affiliated with any mobile phone provider?
No, we are unbiased when it comes to our recommendations. Our wide network of connections include several providers in the UK both big and small. We don't lean towards any particular provider. We simply look at our client's situation and match them with the provider with the highest chance of success.

Do you perform credit checks?
Most of our partner providers don't perform credit checks because their offers are geared specifically for people with bad credit. However, some providers might still look at your credit score to see which handsets would be available to you.

Does that mean I can't have the handset that I want?
There's still a high probability that you'll get the handset you want. As mentioned, mobile phone providers sometimes look at your credit score to see if they can offer you the latest handsets. It's still a huge risk to provide clients with bad credit the latest and most expensive phones. If you have a really bad credit score, you'll still gain their approval, but your choices in handsets might be limited depending on your credit score.

But I really want that handset, is there no way to get it?
If the handset you want isn't available due to your credit score, you can always negotiate for a deposit. You can pay a small amount of money upfront to lessen the flight risk. You can also start with an older handset, then upgrade to the handset you want after a few months.

Do your matches guarantee approval each and every time?
Unfortunately, no service can guarantee 100% success. Our methodology is extremely sophisticated and designed for success, but we can never guarantee anything as there are factors that are out of our control.

How much do you charge for your service?
Our service is completely free. The resources on our website are free for you to browse and read. We'll also help you get the mobile phone deal of your dreams absolutely free of charge.

Are your mobile phone partners legitimate businesses?
Yes, they are. We have strict standards when it comes to our partner providers. Most mobile phone contract providers endorsed by us are well-known with a solid reputation for honesty, good customer service and flexibility in services.

How do I start?
Simply fill out our application form. Once you send it to us, we'll review it, and then match it with the offer available from our partners. We'll contact you with the best offers available – it's still up to you which company you choose in the end.